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Friday, March 4, 2011

Elijah's Coin by Steve O'Brien

From GoodReads:In every heart there exists the potential for good and for evil. The question is which we'll choose. Without the right principles and guidance, a traumatic experience can lead one down a barren path. If our view of the world is dark, then further experience will tend to reinforce that view, leading to more pessimism and fruitless or even destructive behavior. How does one break out of this cycle of negativity?
That question is at the heart of Elijah's Coin, a thoughtful fable about one young man's descent into a life of crime... until he discovers an unlikely mentor, who begins to teach him a new philosophy of life. It's a philosophy not so much of words as of deeds. The lessons, therefore, prove to be indirect and not fully understood until they are lived. The point is not to state what you believe but to become what you believe. In doing so, you will come to lead a fulfilling and prosperous life. You'll find that life is not about you but about others and that generosity is repaid in kind.
Elijah's Coin asks readers to reflect even as they are entertained by a fast-moving, suspenseful story. Ultimately, the book confronts the reader with the possibility — and the opportunity &mdash of inner change. Learn the message, then pay it forward.

I think that the description from GoodReads really sums up what this book is about nicely.  I had a hard time not getting emotional during this book.  I really felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish.  Tom was a wonderful, well-written character.  I know that a lot of reviewers have said that this book was "preachy" but I found that, when remembering my own adolescence, that I could have really used this book when I was a teen.  My hat goes of to Steve O'Brien for a great story that, in my opinion, has a chance at becoming a classic teen book for generations to come.

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