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Monday, October 25, 2010


Welcome to the first ever YA Spooktacular event! I am UBER excited to be a part in the YA Spooktacular hosted by onceuponareview.com & frenzyofnoise.blogspot.com. I am proud to present Part 8 of Story 2: A Soul Laid Bare!  You can begin this story at http://www.pageturnersblog.com/ 

So, now do you want to know how it works? Well, there are 2 spooky YA stories being told in 13 parts. Each part is written by a different author (some currently published, some aspiring) and posted on a different blog. At the end of each story, you will have a chance to enter to win a prize pack (there is one for each story and a separate one that's open internationally). To be eligible to win that story's prize pack, you must comment on each part of the story. There will also be Trick or Treats along the way for more chances to win! For all the rules, the full rundown of all the goodness as well as a list of all the story stops, go to http://frenzyofnoise.blogspot.com/2010/10/ya-spooktacular-starts-friday_17.html

Good luck and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

A Soul Laid Bare
Part Eight by Saundra Mitchell
Go to http://www.pageturnersblog.com/ to start the story!

Some air. She needed some air.

Shaking off the odd sense of dread that welled in her, Sami cut through the crowd to find the back door already standing open. It made sense— people should have been winding in and out, but for some reason, the wide lawn behind the house was deserted. A thin slice of silver moonlight filtered through the trees. For an awful, flashing moment, it looked like a veil of webs, as if spiders had descended every branch to cocoon the world.

"This is the part where you run away," Sami told herself. And yet, she walked into the cool night. Pulled on hooks and wires made of sensation, Sami swallowed hard when she came to a stop.

Something in that moment felt inevitable. Tremblingly inevitable— like seeing a perfect tower of cards, and knowing that it would fall. Not that it might, that it would, this minute, or in an hour, but there would be no stopping it.

And then, lightning coursed through her.

It struck, pale blue and racing her skin, searing her blood. It was agony, fire piercing her, filling her head full of fire and fury and... then it changed. It filled her, strange power crackling through her. Though she couldn't see her own eyes, she suspected they'd changed— just as Dylan's had, just as Mr. Cooper's had.

Then Mr. Cooper spoke. "Good and evil and undecided finally come together!"

Sami whirled to find him in the dark. Instead, she found Rosie, wound with a ribbon of violet stars. They pulsed around her head, a gothic halo. Her eyes were embers in shadow, glowing from a black depth.

"Well, I guess we know which one I am," she said sarcastically. She opened her hand. A swirling globe of those violet stars turned just above her palm. It pulsed with fire; just the look of it was dangerous.

With an easy flick, Rosie tossed it in the air— and at another point of the lawn, Dylan caught it. The moment he touched it, the stars shifted to scarlet. His eyes had turned, too, his whole body bathed in a crimson mist.

"You have to keep the balance, Sami!" Mr. Cooper cried.

Sami still couldn't see him. She turned, and only when she looked down, did she realize her feet no longer touched the earth. They all floated, just a few feet from the cool ground. Fog rolled beneath them, slowly marking out a triangle in mist. They stood on each point— but Mr. Cooper remained hidden.

Rosie stretched her arms, rippling in her tight costume. She turned her head, dark lashes fluttering as she opened her hands to present two new violet globes. This time, they sparked. And this time, she threw them hard— right at Sami.

Throwing her hands up, Sami screamed. She felt slicked, with sweat or blood, or something...it took her a moment to realize the lighting that swirled around her, soft lavender power, had risen up to block the blow.

Power churned inside her, and Sami trembled— how could Rosie already be so good at this? What awful thing did Dylan have in store? Trying to find some kind of defense in this madness, Sami called out to her friends- her friends.

"You're not evil!" She told Rosie. "You're not undecided. And I'm not good!"

Thunder crashed, a sound caught entirely between them. Sami squeezed her eyes closed, and when she did, she caught a glimpse of Tonya, of the Dark Man— and suddenly she realized there was someone else lurking in that dream, in those visions.

And that someone else was Mr. Cooper.

Need to know more? Can't wait to find out?

Then continue the story at http://thebookscoop.com/  and don't forget to comment here to be entered to win!!

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